Ecofridge Topline 16

Topline 16 is a hydraulic and electric powered unit with extremely reliable properties. This efficient and fuel-saving unit has carefully selected components for optimal performance.

Topline 16 can be supplied in several designs with different functions and is equipped with the Hultsteins HUA control system. The unit is mounted externally on the front wall.


Topline 16 is powered by a hydraulic constant flow pump which is mounted directly on the truck’s PTO. This unit provides constant power whatever the engine speed. The unit can also be connected to the mains.

The Intelli Start feature allows the refrigeration system to start and stop the truck engine when parked. The unit can also be connected to the mains. Heat is provided by electric and water heaters. The unit can be equipped with an extra evaporator.



Topline 16 offers major fuel
savings, reduced CO
emissions and lower service costs.

Hydraulic constant flow pump delivers full power regardless of speed
Fuel savings of up to 60%
Reduced CO2 Nox & PM emissions
Lower service costs
Mounted on the body above the cab
Mains connection 400 V
Ecofridge Display control system

Top-mounted refrigeration units



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