Hydraulic power since 1962

Hultsteins refrigerated delivery products have been the most environmentally friendly, profitable and reliable on the market since 1962. We delivered the first refrigeration unit with hydraulic technology in 1962. Producing transport refrigeration with hydraulics was totally unique, and since then we have continued to drive the market forward with innovative solutions. The result is reliable, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration equipment which provides maximum customer benefit on the road.

About Hultsteins

A great history that looks to the future

Tougher environmental requirements and reviews on diesel bans are growing issues in the transport industry. We are proud of our history, but excited to continue driving the market forward through innovation and knowledge.

Our hydraulic solutions mean that we have been environmentally friendly since 1962, years ahead of diesel-powered alternatives. Add better fuel economy, lower maintenance costs and safer operation together, and you have a concept that is hard to beat.

What does the Hultsteins story really mean for us and for our customers? Quite a lot actually. It says a lot about how we think as a company and how we find new ways to reach valuable solutions. Producing transport refrigeration with hydraulics was totally unique and created new benefits at a time when environmental issues were much further down the agenda than they are today.

Benefits for all

Over the years, Hultsteins continued to develop hydraulically powered units, and the reliable, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly aims of these solutions have always been in stark contrast to the market’s diesel-powered units. Less hassle and more benefits for both users and the wider world.

The road ahead

As transport industry requirements change, Hultsteins approach becomes stronger. We are proud to be an innovator in driving the market forward and meeting the new demands of our customers. Even today, transport refrigeration built with the innovative strength found in southern Sweden forms a unique foundation for both our history and our future.

Refrigeration on the move requires unique ideas

Innovation is not about complicating things unnecessarily, but about creating concepts that really are in demand. Hultsteins always starts by considering users’ needs while out on the road.

Many years have passed since Hultsteins launched a hydraulic concept for refrigerated deliveries. At that time we changed the market and we have continued to offer new innovations ever since.

1944   Filip Hultstein starts the company.

1959   Hultsteins supplies its first transport refrigeration unit – electric-powered with eutectic plates.

1962   Hultsteins manufactures the first hydraulic refrigeration unit.

1970   Hultsteins supplies units with an externally mounted evaporator.

1976   Hultsteins supplies the first externally mounted unit and, at the same time, introduces the hydraulic constant flow system.

1979   Hultsteins develops its own electronic control system that becomes the standard in all units.

1988   Hultsteins introduces the slim-built unit, a completely new design for transport refrigeration.

1994   Hultsteins introduces a new computer-based, standard control system (HTA).

2005   Hultsteins starts to supply a special unit, HS215FKV, later the Slimline 9MTL, for two temperature zones.

2008   Hultsteins supplies hydraulic units which automatically start and stop the vehicle engine to reduce fuel consumption.

2014   Hultsteins builds a test centre to carry out power tests.

2014   Holtback Group acquires Hultsteins.

2016   Hultsteins establishes itself in the Nordic market.

2019   Hultsteins acquires the British company Cold Connect and forms Hultsteins UK.

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