Refrigeration units for truck and trailer

Truck and trailer vehicles are a common sight on the roads for large refrigeration transports. The volume of goods to be kept refrigerated demands efficient and reliable refrigeration units.

Long refrigeration transports by truck and trailer mean that two refrigeration units run at too high a pressure to maintain the right temperature in the vehicle’s cargo space. Calculations show that the fuel cost of two diesel-powered refrigeration units operating for 2,000 hours amounts to approximately GBP 80,000 per year. One alternative is to use hydraulic power to chill the goods, which reduces the fuel cost by approximately GBP 13,000 per year.

This also protects the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by 28 tons, while particle emissions drop from 35 tons to almost 8 tons. Another option is to use a hydraulic generator that converts existing diesel units to electric power.

Compared with driving a truck and trailer with two diesel units, Hultsteins generator solution Ecogen provides a return of over GBP 18,000 after three years and over GBP 53,000 after six years. This is because the vehicle’s engine is the only one needed to power the units.

Accumulated savings

Accumulated savings in 6 years. Tractor and trailer vehicle equipped with EcoGen for electric operation of TRU, cost-cut compared to diesel engine TRU.

Emission of particles

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