Ecofridge Slimline 15

A slim profile unit that delivers one of the highest refrigeration and freezing capacities on the market, despite having a depth of only 340 mm. Slimline 15 is designed specifically to fit trucks with a low box, making full use of the space between the box and cab.

The unit is mounted externally on the front wall and is equipped with our Ecofridge Display control system.


The unit is powered by a hydraulic constant flow pump which is mounted directly on the truck’s PTO. The unit can also be connected to the mains.

Delivers constant power whatever the engine speed. The 4-cylinder 560 cm3 compressor manufactured by Bock ensures a high and reliable refrigeration capacity. Heat is provided by electric and water heaters.


The slim profile Slimline 15
provides a reliable and very high refrigeration and
freezing capacity. 


Hydraulic constant flow pump delivers full power regardless of speed
Fuel savings of up to 60%
Reduced CO2 Nox & PM emissions
Lower service costs
Mounts between the box and cab
Mains connection 400 V
Ecofridge Display control system

Slim-built refrigeration units



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