Accessories single- and multi-temp Multiline 7MTL

Hultsteins external evaporators Multiline are controlled from the cab using the same control panel as the main unit.


The unit is available in two sizes, 7MTL and 8MT, with its own additional heating, and is operated from the cab using the same control panel as the main unit.

The result is a number of refrigeration zones in the box of the truck and the ability to transport both chilled and frozen goods in the same transport. It is also possible to mount an evaporator at the rear of the box to achieve the same temperature throughout the entire cargo space and then to divide the box crosswise with a movable wall.

The evaporators can only be ordered together with main units: Slimline 15, Topline 13/16 and Lowline 13.

Multiline 7MTL is a slim unit – only 800 mm wide (one pallet width). It can be fitted in a refrigeration corridor both at the front and the rear.


Hydraulic constant flow pump delivers full power regardless of speed
Fuel savings of up to 60 %
Reduced CO2-emissions
Lower service costs
Mounted in box roof
400 V mains connection
Ecofridge Display control system

Mulitiline 7MTL




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