Green transport refrigeration for green milk

Ytterhälla Transport does not stall on sustainability when the company is distributing Arla’s dairy products. Fossil-free vehicles and refrigeration units have optimised their transports from start to finish.

With a father who was a milk transporter by trade, it was only natural that Jan Thunberg would enter this business. Today he runs the family-owned company Ytterhälla Transport with his wife Anneli and son Mattias. The company is based in Västerås, from where about 10 trucks head out every week to transport Arla’s products from dairies to terminals, stores and restaurants.

“We are a real family business and often share jobs between each other,” says Jan Thunberg.

Green competition

Environmental work runs as a common thread through the business and all the company’s vehicles are completely fossil-free. The drivers’ ability to drive in an environmentally friendly way is recorded with apps and a speed limit has been set at 82 km/h.

“It’s become a form of spontaneous competition in environmentally friendly driving, and that benefits everyone,” says Jan Thunberg.

The high environmental standards that Arla has for its own vehicles also apply to Ytterhälla Transport. In addition to driving with fossil-free fuels, one way to achieve this is to use environmentally friendly hydraulic and electric refrigeration units.

“We have a number of Hultsteins units from before and we will also be using them on our new vehicles that are coming in. This will give us a clean unit instead of a version that burns a couple of litres of diesel every hour.”

Fossil-free – hassle-free

Jan and his drivers cover the region of central Sweden. Operational reliability and the environment will continue to be a strong focus for Ytterhälla’s business.

“We have no other options if we always want to be fossil-free. But besides the environmental aspect, the simplicity of the Hultsteins unit also works in its favour. There are fewer things that can go wrong and repair costs are lower. So everyone’s a winner!”

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